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Vigisense designs, develops and commercialises a range of equipment and comprehensive software solutions for healthcare organisations to optimise care quality, safety and workflow in real-time at the point-of-care.
Vigisense's solutions provide a holistic sensing and learning capability for the health and care environments and processes. It facilitates evidence-based decisions and enable analysis for continuous improvement. Vigisense's further processing of event parameters and history provide highly relevant added value to the data collected and information brought forward to care staff and administrators.
Vigimage is an extremely versatile Alarm Server and Data Analytics platform. It connects to nurse calls, other alarm systems and a range of sensor networks. It sorts signals by origin, type, time and formats notifications and deliver messages to a large variety of display and interaction devices.
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Comvivo is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use wireless system. Thanks to its robust networking technology and a broad selection of end-user connected devices, it is a powerful nurse call and lone worker system. Comvivo also finds applications in health indicator tracking, baby tagging, safety and other alarm applications.
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EkoTek is a simple, robust wireless solution for staff protection onsite, such as factories, laboratories, offices, schools, hospitals or care homes. Combined with Vigimage, it becomes a powerful safety tracking and communication solution for small or large organisations.
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