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About Vigisense

VIGISENSE S.A. develops and commercialises solutions to improve care quality, safety and task management in care institutions:
  • nurse call systems,
  • sensors systems,
  • software and mobile applications.
Vigisense's typical solutions blend data from nurse call and panic button systems, location sensors and other monitoring systems. Vigisense's rule engine and notification engine modules provide highly relevant added value to the data collected and information brought forward to care staff and administrators. Vigisense is renowned in several countries for its care event analysis algorithms, its ease of use, and the interoperability of its solutions.
Vigisense provides to care facilities and organisations solutions for real-time monitoring of care needs and care provision:
  • Wireless nurse call and personal safety systems
  • Multi-technology alarm transmission platforms
  • Patient-centered workflow management solutions
  • Solutions to maintain the independence of the cognitively impaired and the elderly people
Vigisense’s innovation and product range leverage the latest technologies in radio frequency identification, in real-time locating system, in software development and in telecom to provide extensive features and unprecedented ease of use and peace of mind. Vigisense has developped such an expertise in these domains that the company is also regularly called by players outside of the healthcare field for one-off projects and developpment collaborations.
Vigisense’s solutions are strongly user-centered. The company’s focus on simplified hardware and more versatile algorithms guarantees prompt adoption by all involved and extended efficiency to benefit organisations to the fullest.
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